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About cab

German engineering drives the performance of cab’s labeling solutions. The label printing, automated labeling, and laser marking systems are globally recognized for innovative features and rugged reliability. cab’s technological milestones in product marking advancement continue to raise the international standard for devices and systems.

Last year, cab’s latest innovation, the Hermes C two-color, print-and-apply system won the German Packaging Award, one of the most prestigious of its kind in Europe. The visionary thinking that guided that success is the benchmark of cab’s R&D. They look for possibilities, and rise to the challenges in advance of the competition.

Our Partnership

Based in Germany, cab’s partner network is comprised of 820 companies in more than 80 countries. Ideal Print Solutions is an integral member of this group in the United States. We respect cab’s business approach, anticipating market changes and shaping technology to fit, instead of following trends. Their product marking knowledge, insight, and creative thinking gives Ideal Print Solution the ability to deliver better technology solutions to our customers.