Installation & Training


An efficient installation starts with knowing the best way to integrate the solution—from setting up the infrastructure to flipping the switch—without interrupting our customer’s daily business routine. It requires planning, skill, and ingenuity to smooth out the inevitable bumps that arise.

Our IPS installation team has complete understanding of the project’s requirements. We know the best time to arrive (and where), and we’ve already scoped out the location to be prepared for possible issues. We respect the time of the business and its staff, minimizing interruptions and staying focused on successfully completing the installation.

Installation isn’t complete until we’ve tested the system on-site, evaluating every aspect. Then, we bring in your staff for training.


Our goal is to provide you with user-friendly technology. Still, we carefully review all the components, run through the operation, and give your team hands-on practice. We’ll answer all questions so that your employees are quickly up and running, maximizing the potential of the equipment and process.


“With the help of IPS, we have been able to bring device labeling work in-house, which has helped to save us thousands of dollars and reduce development lead times, when compared to traditional outsourcing. As a growing medical device company, these savings compound year over year, with each new design project, and allow for rapid developments while maintaining outstanding labeling quality.”

—Mike Steen, VP of Manufacturing