Project Managment


You’ve heard about “the best laid plans”. Well, the plan is just the beginning.

You still need someone to navigate. Ideal Print Solutions offers Project Management expertise that implements the plan, ensuring the attention to detail, timely execution, budget supervision, and effective leadership that is necessary for success.


Our Project Management services focus on guiding the deployment toward a successful outcome, including the reporting and communication that keeps you connected.

We’ll develop a feasible timeline, for procurement, implementation, testing, training, and follow-up. Using our experience and network, we’ll acquire the hardware, software, and supplies. Our Project Management team will supervise each step, managing both time and budget, to keep your project moving. We provide detailed reports so you know the job status at any time.

With professional Project Management, you can count on a positive and timely outcome. Contact us to achieve “Ideal” results.


A Fortune 500 company faced a difficult situation when the company was under pressure to meet the government’s mandate for Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS) labels for the products used by the Department of Defense. When their current vendor told them it would take five weeks to develop a custom label, PPG turned to Ideal Print Solutions.

Our engineers studied the GHS substrate and adhesive requirements. In three days, we delivered a prototype. Once approved, we provided a full production run of labels within one week.

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