Integration requires big-picture thinking. We use our analytical strength and product knowledge to design your system—software, hardware, deployment, training, and support. We can develop or customize software according to the process’s needs. We can provide a lease package for the equipment to make the acquisition and upgrades more affordable. At Ideal Print Solutions, we specialize in customize!

SUCCESS STORY: A leading supplier of allograft tissue to physicians, hospitals, surgical clinics, and tissue banks. The company brought us an interesting challenge. They needed a label set that would be printed at the beginning of the manufacturing process and travel with the product until it left the building. The set of eight labels needed to identify the sterilization of the product, which must go through a gamma irradiation process. We created labels that feature a strip that changes from yellow to a deep red color, after being exposed to gamma radiation. We designed the label set so that a label can be easily separated from the set, such as removing and applying one to a patient’s medical record. Because the labels react to gamma radiation, we needed to block them from exposure to any light sources. We modified a printer to block any light from penetrating and compromising the security feature of the labels.

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